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Saturday, 31 August 2013


There are 4 Manikarnika lakes in our holy India. Let us see the details and loactions of all these Manikarnika Lakes.

1. Varanasi: The Manikarnika Ghat (मणिकर्णिका घाट) located in the banks of Ganges river in Varanasi (located in Uttar Pradesh, India)

2. Thiruppuvanam: The Lord Pungavaneswarar (Lord Shiva) temple located in the banks of river Vaigai in the town of Tiruppuvanam located east of Madurai. The town Tiruppuvanam is on the National Highway connecting Madurai with Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu, India.

3. Vedaranyam: The Manikarnika Pond in the Lord Tharpaneswarar (Lord Shiva) temple located near Vedaranyam in the Nagappatinam District, Tamilnadu, India.

4. Thiruneermalai: The Manikarnika Pond located on the foothills of mountain where Lord Renganathar Temple is located. The Thiruneermalai is located very near to Pallavaram, the south western suburb of Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.  

Thursday, 29 August 2013


Manikarnika Lake is an ideal place for doing Pithru Tharpanam especially during the "Mahalaya Amavasya". Lord Vishnu had created a beautiful pond by using his armour "The Chakra" in a very bright spot in this world. The Lord wanted her sister Goddess Parvathi and the Lord Shiva to take bath in that particular lake without anyone's disturbances.

The Goddess Parvathi wanted to set right her jewellery before taking the bath. So the Goddess adjusted her jewellery by looking into the water in the Pond. At that time her necklace jewellery got loosened and the bead (Mani) fell into the lake. To take out the beads (Mani), Lord Shiva also looked at the water in the Pond. At that particular time, his Karna Kundalam (Jewellery) also fell into the water. Thus the Pond gets sanitized and becomes a holy place. Since the Mani (beads of Goddess Parvathi) and Karna Kundalam (Jewellery) fell into the pond, it is being called as Manikarnika Lake.

By doing Pithru Tharpanam in the Manikarnika Lake especially during the Mahalaya Amavasya, it produces immense benefits to the family. 


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