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Thursday, 6 December 2012


As per the Hindu Vedic Principles, anyone who creates or instrumental in creating a water body will attain moksha and his 21 future generations would enjoy his/her virtues. This will ensure complete protection to his offsprings and bless them with all the goodness in this life. 

The creation of Water bodies like lakes, ponds, canals, tube wells, bore wells and water storage tanks that caters to the general public without any restrictions by any individual involved either directly or indirectly would bring enormous amount of Virtues to the concerned person, his family members and it is carried forward to the next 21 generations.

Similar way, if any one is instrumental in closing, destroying or polluting those water bodies would receive the Pitra Dosha that is carried forward to his/her next 21 generations.

Now let us come to the point. If you have to close a tube well or bore well in your house, do a Puja in your house and pray to both your anscestors and the God and seek their blessings. But do not build a bed room, living room, office, stair cases and toilets above that unused and closed tube wells or bore wells. Do not place any machinery above those closed wells inside a factory buildings. But you can always build a Puja room over these closed wells. 

Friday, 30 November 2012


In the first place, cutting a tree or trees has to be avoided altogether. If that is not possible, for some geniune reasons, then the other options of relocating it must be tried. If that is also not possible, then following precaution has to be taken, before cutting a tree. 

1. Must ensure that any bird has Nest or hatchlings are in the tree. If you find any hatchlings or the bird is in the verge of hatching, you must wait until the bird changes its locations. 

2. Puja room or Prayer hall must be built over the place, where the tree had been standing.

3. You should never build a bedroom, living room or any business place above the place, where the tree had been standing. 

4. You must do necessary puja before the commencement of removing a tree.

5. You should remember the cutting of the tree, by offering a special puja or/and prayer on the anniversary day. 

This would ensure that you and your family members would not be troubled by the Pitra Dosha by cutting trees (that had been done out of necessity only). 

Monday, 15 October 2012


You may be surprised to know that the Hindu Vedic Princples touches on the Environment too. Let us see, what the Vedas tell us on Environment.

Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham affects the people and their future generations (21 generations) on following grounds too.

1. People who destroys Waterbodies. (Lakes, Ponds, Canals, Wells and bore wells).

2. People who block Waterways (obstructing the free flow of Water).

3. People who block or enroach upon Public lands or lands meant for use of Public facilities. (Temples, Roads, Schools, Burial Grounds and Medical purpose).

4. Those who live, Purchase, Construct, Sell and even those renting the enroached lands are susceptible  to this Pithru Dosham.

5. People who misuse the Public funds meant for the development of Public Places. 
6. People who deface or make it unberable or undesirable to use the Public Places.
The Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham will befall only on the siblings of the accused person. The Accused Person will be made to suffer by looking at his sons, daughters, grand son and grand daughters suffer from the symptoms of the Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham.
The People who buy the Property built on these enroached land also suffer this agony of Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham. Those who rent this place also suffer to a lesser extent and might be forced to move out of the property soon.


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