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Thursday, 12 December 2013


As per Hindu Vedas, the soul would leave this materialistic body (Sthula Body) and attains Sooksma Body. Let us study the difference between the Sthula and Sooksma Body status.

1. The person with a Sthula Body will be governed by the physical laws that are applicable in this world, whereas the Sooksma Body are not governed by these Physical laws.

2. The Persons (Dead persons) with the Sooksma Body can able to hear the voices and see what is going around them. But their voices will be in a different frequency, can not be listened by a normal person with Sthula Body (Living Persons).

3. The Persons (Dead Persons) with the Sooksma Body can penetrate any solid materials and travel at a faster pace. The Persons (Living Persons) with Sthula Body are governed by the common Physical laws.

4. The Persons (Dead Persons) with the Sooksma Body can easily see us. But the Persons (Living Persons) can not see the person with the Sooksma Body.

For more informations, please also visit  http://pithrudosham.blogspot.in/2012/10/what-is-logic-behind-birth-death.html

# These informations are provided in "Garuda Puranam" (a religious text that contains conversation between Lord Vishnu and his best disciple Garudalwar)

Saturday, 3 November 2012


As per the Hindu Astrology, every Soul leaves its body and head towards Yama Loga. The Soul takes two things after its death. The "Virtue and Sins" are the two things that accompanies a dead person Soul to this Yama Loga. There the Soul is being subjected to scrutiny by Chitra Gupta (the Deputy of Lord Yama) in the august presence of Lord Yama and other dignitaries.

The quantum of Punishments and rewards are decided on the basis of the Sins and Virtues. Thereafter the type of rebirth is also being assesed and decided. The Moksha helps the Soul to avoid being trapped into the vicious cycle of Life & Death.

But how to attain Moksha? Is it possible to get it easily?

The following 4 methods are given below:

1. Those who are born in the town of Thiruvarur (Tamil Nadu) and worship and pray humbly to Lord Thiyagaraya Swami for the attainment of Moksha

2. Those who visit Chidambaram (Tamil Nadu) once in their lifetime and by requesting humbly to the Lord Nataraja for the way to Moksha.

3. Those who die in Varanasi (Popularly known as Kasi); the Soul gets the Moksha to come out of the life & death cycle.

4. Those who die at the lap of his Son; the mantras and holy songs of Lord must be chanted by the Son to the dying Parents in their final moments.

Please read this carefully and try to follow any one of this guidelines to attain Moksha and remove Pitra Dosha. God Bless those who read this.


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