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Monday, 1 December 2014


Pitra Dosha and Business Ethics:

There many connections to our life and death to the ethics maintained by us in our business. Here are the expectations of the every humans.

1. Wanted to live healthy and comfortably till the last day of our life.

2. Never to remain isolated from the immediate family members @ don't want to spend the aged life in a home or orphange.

3. Want to live with diginity and respect. Don't want it to be abused by their own family members.

4. Don't want to experience a slow and painful death @ bed-ridden life.

5. Don't want to undergo the agony of death.

6. Don't want to face sudden or terrible death.

When a Person dies, his/her soul will be taken to the "Pithru Logam" meaning World of Dead Ancestors. The Journey to the Pithru Logam commences on the 13th day from the date of death and ends on the exactly one year from the date of death. Hence the Journey would go on for nearly 12 months. During this journey, the soul of the dead person will undergo agony and pain for all the mis-deeds that he/she had done it in the past.

On the 4th month of the Journey, the soul will be made to travel under extreme heat with no light shades. That is, the place will resemble like a desert with no water or any vegetations. The Soul would suffer through extreme heat conditions with no water to quest the thirst. The Soul would then request the representatives of the Lord Yama (who are accompanying the soul) for relief from the heat and thirst. The Representatives of the Lord Yama would then inform the Soul that the problems are created by the Soul itself @ when the person was alive, he/she used all the unthical tactics to obtain money/income. Hence they inform the Soul that it needs to undergo this torturous journey on the 4th month of their death.

Soul: I had earned the money, only to keep my family members happy and comfortable.

Represntative of Lord Yama: You had earned the money in an unthical manner. Hence you are facing this trouble.

Soul: Everybody did it; hence I also did this. I don't have to choice to earn money in a ethical manner.

Representatives of Lord Yama: Look at your family members now. Even if any one of the family members remembers you and accepts the fact that the unthical earnings were done on their behalf, then we shall release you from the pain.

But the family members of the dead person were busy at their own work and agendas. The whole family members forget about the dead person itself.

Also the family members never recognizes the fact that unthical earnings were done by the dead person was only to make them happy. At the particular point of time, the Soul will understand one truth that the life is like train Journey. That is, the relationship will come and go in every life and they are not permanent. If you do anything unthical in the name of keeping your family members happy, then you need to pay a heavy price for that.

* The informations provided here come from "Garuda Puranam"

Business Ethics: Which is Ethical or Unethical?

1. Taking a bribe and offering a bribe: Bribe under any forms or incentives or exchanges of money/Assets/Promotions/Sexual Comforts.

2. Disloyal to the employers: Theft of Goods/Money/Official secrets/Instigating other employees to revolt or act without loyalty.

3. Harassing the employees : Bullying or harassing with excessive work, unrealistic targets, non-payment of Salaries that are due to them or under paying the Salaries or sexual harassments.

4. Cheating & Forgery: Cheating the Customers with adulterations, under weight sales, selling counterfeit goods and defrauding the Customers or Vendors.

5. Destructions, Damages & Killings: Business done and money earned through destruction of properties and killing of any living creatures.

What could be the Punishment for Unthical Businees and Earnings?

1. Isolation from the family.

2. Slow and painful death

3. Bed ridden with number of ailments.

4. Staying fully conscious about the happenings in the final days.

5. Leaving the "Pitra Dosha" as an asset to the future generations. 


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