PITRA DOSHA: Pitra Dosha and Social Activity

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Monday, 29 October 2012


There are certain standard codes are defined for those involved in Social Activity or anyone who has taken Social Service as their profession. The Lord Narayana tell us the benefits of involving ourselves to the service of mankind. First let us see the reason for getting benefits out of it.

1. Those who construct or instrumental in creating Waterbodies (Lakes, Canals, Wells and Borewells) meant for Public usage.

2. Those who construct or instrumental in building a Place of Worship or Place to Study.

3. Those who helps Elderly, Infirm, Destitutes and Children.

Those who does this Social services would free their previous 21 generations (departed ancestors) and the next 21 generations (future generations).from the Pitra Dosha or Pitra Dosham.

Let us see the actions of Social Activists that would sink them into Pitra Dosha.

1. Anyone who misuses the Land, Property, Products and Money meant for the above said people.

2. Anyone who cheats, harass or harm the above mentioned people.

Hence Pitra Dosha affects the NGO's who misuses their position would get double the punishment in the form of Pitra Dosha (Harsher level) than those commiting similar type of Sins. It is very difficult to erase the Pitra Dosha on NGO's; it is better to keep quiet rather than masquerading as an NGO.

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Teaching & Educations are considered as Noble Jobs, because of its immense value to the mankind. Proper Education is the backbone of the entire mankind to eradicate the evil and to work towards salvation. Thus everyone, who are associated with teaching profession are considered as doing Noble Jobs. Thus the Educationalists have numerous responsbilities with them. Failure to adhere to the basic principles of Dharma (Vedic Principle), they inadverently embrace the Pitra Dosha.

Pitra Dosha affects the people for the following reasons.

1. Destruction of Schools; obstructing the passage meant for going to the School.

2. Enroaching upon the School grounds; misuse of School buildings & properties.

3. Teaching students without proper knowledge; or improper training.

4. The quality of teaching is fixed against the value of Money.

5. Improper view & handling of the students on the basis of their religion, caste, economic status and other unexplained reasons.

6. Misusing the Students for various purposes; thus depriving of their formal education leading to the darkness in their future life.

7. Physically or mentally abusing the Students; and those helps and abets this type of wrongdoings.

Teaching as a Profession is considered as Supreme to anything & everything else in the World. Schools are considered as equivalent to Temples. Teachers are considered as "Gurus". Thus anyone found to be violating this code of conduct would automatically drags their family into the clutches of Pitra Dosha.

By treating the Education as a money spinner, the person could walk to the Honey Trap that would wait for them in the form of Pitra Dosha.


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