PITRA DOSHA: What happens after Death?

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Monday, 9 February 2015


What happen to the Soul on the 5th month from its death? 

Importance of Cow Dhanam: 

As per the Hindu Vedas, when a person is dead, its soul would travel one year to reach the Pitru Loga. That is, the journey of the soul would start from the 13th day from its death date and ends on the same thithi in the same month in the next year according to the Hindu Calendar.

1 year period for the humans living in the earth equals one day period for the Devas (those living in the upper world). That is, the Soul will travel 1 day (as per the period calculated by the Devas) to reach the upper world.

But the Soul will have to make arduous and treacherous journey for the next one year from the day it leaves the world before it reaches the upper world. On the 5th month of its journey, the Soul has to cross a river named Vaitarani. The river will look pleasant and beautiful to the eyes of the righteous person and will be able to cross successfully to the other side of the river to continue with their journey.

For those, who had lived in a immoral and unethical manner during their lifetime, the crossing of the river would proves to be extremely difficult. In the eyes of people (who had lived in an immoral manner), the river contains the blood, human excreta, pus, urine and saliva will flow rapidly in the river. The river will also contains dead flesh and bones. This would create intolerable level of stench that makes the Soul extremely nervous and uncomfortable. The Soul will remain hesitant to jump into the river to cross it.

At that time, the representatives of Lord Yama given other options to cross the river.

Option 1: Did you ever looked after a cow during the entire lifetime?

Option 2: Did you ever donated a Cow to a righteous person?

Option 3: Did you ever fasted for Maha Shivaratri once in your life?

Option 4: Did you ever fasted for Vaikunta Ekadasi once during your lifetime?

The representatives of the Lord Yama tells the soul that we shall help you to cross this river without any trouble, if you had done any of the options during your lifetime.

That is donating a cow or looking after the cow assumes much significance. But these conditions are to be met before you donate a cow to anyone. 

1. You must be 100% sure about the integrity of the person, who is accepting the donations.

2. You will get back double the curse, if the cows are not fed properly by the person, who had accepted the donations from you.

3. If the Cows are ill treated by the person who had accepted the donations, then the person who had donated the cow would inadvertently invite Pitra Dosha.

4. If the Cows are not fed or ill treated or left to lurch after the cow loses its commercial value due to its old age, the "Cow Dhan" will not deliver any results and in fact delivers exactly opposite results.

5. If the donated cows are tortured or killed either by the person who had received the donation or by his proxies, then the Pitra Dosha curse will befall on the person who had donated the cow.

Hence, the person who donates the cow must be cautious in selecting a person to whom it should be donated.

1. You must verify the background of the person or the organization, to whom the cow is to be donated.

2. You must physically go and verify the living condition of the cow in a periodical manner throughout its lifetime.

3. You must always maintain other options to shift the cow to a better place, if you are not satisfied with the condition of the cow in their present place.

* The basic informations are derived from the "Garuda Purana". 

Thursday, 12 December 2013


As per Hindu Vedas, the soul would leave this materialistic body (Sthula Body) and attains Sooksma Body. Let us study the difference between the Sthula and Sooksma Body status.

1. The person with a Sthula Body will be governed by the physical laws that are applicable in this world, whereas the Sooksma Body are not governed by these Physical laws.

2. The Persons (Dead persons) with the Sooksma Body can able to hear the voices and see what is going around them. But their voices will be in a different frequency, can not be listened by a normal person with Sthula Body (Living Persons).

3. The Persons (Dead Persons) with the Sooksma Body can penetrate any solid materials and travel at a faster pace. The Persons (Living Persons) with Sthula Body are governed by the common Physical laws.

4. The Persons (Dead Persons) with the Sooksma Body can easily see us. But the Persons (Living Persons) can not see the person with the Sooksma Body.

For more informations, please also visit  http://pithrudosham.blogspot.in/2012/10/what-is-logic-behind-birth-death.html

# These informations are provided in "Garuda Puranam" (a religious text that contains conversation between Lord Vishnu and his best disciple Garudalwar)

Monday, 12 November 2012


Everyone likes to know, what happens immediately after death?

What happens to the Inner mind & thoughts?

Would we just go into oblivion? (OR)

Would we experience a new life or a new experience?

The Hindu Vedas has clear answer to it. Let us find the sequence that happens immediately after death.

1. The Soul comes out of the body through any one of the nine openings that are in the human body. They are Eyes (2), Nose (2), Ear (2), Mouth (1), Private parts (2). 

2. The People who are addicted towards the wordly pleasure would struggle to accept the reality that they are already dead; and the process could not be reversed. They struggle to get into their body to come back alive. 

3. The People who had understood the ideals of spiritualism would readily accept their fate.

4. The Soul also gets a shape (body) which is called "Stuchama Body"; in this position, a Soul can move very fast, can hear what others speak, and see what is happening around it. But others can not see the Soul and can not hear what the Soul is willing to express. 

5. The Soul with its Sutchama Body is not bounded by any physical laws. Thus it can penetrate the Solids. But it can not hold or handle any Materials. 

6. The Soul with its Sutchsma body would look exactly like the Dead person at the time of his death. 

7. Till the burial of the body, the Soul would stay near the Body only; hoping to get a chance to enter the body. 

8. The Soul would come to the terms of the reality only after the burial is completed.

9. Thereafter the Soul stays 12 days in this World; preferably with its dear and near Ones. 

10. During those 12 days, the Sons and Daughters have been given responsibilities. (We see the responsibility of both Son & Daughter later). Only if the Karma is done by both Son & Daughter for the ten day, the Soul would be able to get its original look & shape. 

11. If the Karma is not done or not done properly, then the Soul would not regain its orginal body & shape. 

12. The Soul would leave this Earth on the 13th day only.

Later, We would see every aspect of this issue in detail. But failure to do this karma by their offsprings would spell trouble to the remaining members of the family in the form of Pitra Dosha. 

Saturday, 13 October 2012


As per the Hindu Vedic teachings, a soul will not die; but only the body perishes. But the soul after leaving the body carries its virtue and sins that has been earned during its life time. The Soul can not take a rebirth immediately. It has to live in Pitra Loga or Pithru Loga (Anscestor's World) after its departure from the Earth.

The Pitra Loga or Pithru Loga's one day equals our Earth's one year. Thus doing Pitra Tharpanam or Pithru Tharpanam once in a year means feeding and remembering your departed anscestors on daily basis. If a Soul fails to get this service done by his Sons/Daughters, then it has to wait for 100's of years for a rebirth; still such time arrives, the Soul waits for its turn in Pitra Loga or Pithru Loga.

Angered by the delay, the Souls curse their own siblings. This brings the worst form of Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham. This leads to cascading effects on Marriage, Child birth, Harmonius living and physical and mental illness on the entire family.

If a person performs Pitra Tharpanam or Pithru Tharpanam on the stipulated days, the Soul would be able to prepare for another rebirth; so that it will have a chance to earn good virtues and offload all sins. Thus the Soul becomes very happy and bless their siblings. 

Thus a Soul would be able to arrange for its rebirth; rebirth would be calculated on the basis of its virtue. A Soul with good virtue will make a rebirth in a family that can deliver good things in the lifetime. Similarly a Soul with lot of Sins to its credit will end up in a family, where there are lot of sorrows and sadness that surrounds the family.


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