PITRA DOSHA: Pitra Dosha and Suicide

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Let us look at the teachings of Hindu Vedas on the subject of Suicide.

The Suicide or ending the one's own life has been condemned by the Vedas. The Hindu Vedas do not approve or sympathezise with people, who are committing suicide. In fact, the trouble does not stop with the committing the abhorrent  practice. The curse and trouble actually starts immediately after the death.

As per the Hindu Vedas, a person lives a life as per the quantum of his Sins & Virtue. The Vedas defines five type of heinous crimes, which can not be erased through offerings, homam or pujas; but gets eliminated only when the accused person also undergoes similar type of agony in their life. Hence a Man/Women can not escape this punishment by ending their life.

Suppose a Man is destined to live upto 90 Years of age, but he choose to die at the age of 34 Years due to the Physical, Mental or Financial stress. He can not leave this Earth immediately and wait for his turn in the Pithru Loga. He/She who commits suicide has to stay this world for another 56 Years to finish his/her destined lifetime. Also his next rebirth would also be exactly same as that of his earlier life, where he must have gone greater stress and trouble. Hence one can not just bypass his agony by ending his ownlife. Also the destined part of Years has to be lived in a more miserable condition.

The God actually distances himself from the Soul, which commits suicide. The Soul who had done this act would actually suffer too much to come out of this circle. As per the Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham, an act of commission or omission of Suicide indicates solid trouble for the family members & future generations. Hence it is highly suicidical to attempt or commit suicide.


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