PITRA DOSHA: Pitra Dosha for Army and Police Personnel

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Sunday, 14 October 2012


What happens to Army Men, Policemen and other Government Officials who takes orders from their superiors to kill the Enemy/Murderers/Criminals?

What happens to the Higher Government Authority who orders the killing of a particular person, who are detrimental to peace and tranquility?

The Hindu Vedic Principle clearly lays down rules for the Kings(Government as of today) to kill the criminals to safeguard the ordinary peoples. Also Police/Army personnel also comes under this rules.

1. The Killing must be done for the welfare of the peoples.

2. The Killing should not be done for any pecuniary benefits or for personal reasons.

3. The Killings should happen, only when all other options are exhausted.

But the Killing automatically brings Brahmahatti Dosham/Pitra Dosha/Pithru Dosham. Even the Gods do necessary Pujas to eliminate this Brahmahatti Dosham after the slaying of Asuras (Evil Powers). Hence it is imperative for the Police & Army Men to do Pitra Tharpanam or Pithru Tharpanam for the Souls, who had been killed by them.

Everyone should remember that enmity does not carry forward even after the death. That is, we should abhor all the bitterness and enmity towards the departed souls.

If a Army/Police Men had killed a person for fun, benefits or any other motivated reasons, then the Pithru Pujas do not work for them, They would witness their siblings slipping into many troubles during their lifetime.


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