PITRA DOSHA: Responsibilities of the Aged Peoples

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Thursday, 1 November 2012


The Hindu Vedic Principles devise a timetable for every man & woman. According to it everyone is expected to follow this procedure.

1.       Everyone is expected to hand over their powers to their Sons or Daughters once they become mature enough to handle the family affairs.

2.       The Aged people should cling on to the God and not to their property. Only the God has the power to give them salvation. The Money & Property could be able to give imaginary security only; in fact, it creates all types of troubles for the Aged Peoples.

3.       The Aged People should divide their property on equal basis to their Sons & Daughters; they should not take decision on the basis of family and individual issues.

4.       The Aged people should divide their property, when they are physically fit; should not postpone the decision by believing that they would live for many years to come.

The crux of the problem is that anyone who fails to recognize the ascent of their Offspring’s and the failure to hand over or share power with them would eventually lead to misunderstanding with their Offspring and the In-laws. The Aged People should stay in the background and help their Son & Daughter to manage the family affairs thereafter.  

Anyone who holds Business, Property and Power under his tight control, even after his/her Son is capable of looking after it, is actually doing great disservice to his/her family. Thus it would fasten the neglect of the Aged; which in turn would bring the sorrows to the future generations in the form of Pitra Dosha.


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