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Wednesday, 24 October 2012


There are various type of People, who call themselves as Spiritualists. Let us see, who can be really called Spiritualists.

People who work towards enlightment of themselves can be called as Spiritualists. Spiritual people can live with their life partner provided both of them works towards the same goal. The job of the life partner is to aid and help the Spritualists to realize the goal of enlightment and nothing more.

Next level of Spiritualists must forgo all the wordly pleasures and move themselves towards the God by helping everyone and every creature through the divine powers that has been gained by them during their first level of Spiritualism.They are not supposed to own anything and stay at the same place for more than one night.

Now let us see the reason for the Pitra Dosha (Pithru Dosham) afflicting the Spiritualists itself.

1. Spiritualists should not own anything either directly or indirectly.

2. The actions of the Spiritualists helps their family to amaze wealth either directly or indirectly

3. Indirect action means forming a Trust, where the family members become the Trust members too.

4. Indulging in Sexual & other immoral activities.

5. Using the Spiritualism for Commercial gains.

6. Promoting the personal interest through advertisement or through indirect inducement.

Those who call themselves as Spiritualists could end up in disaster, if they choose to disobey the Vedic principles. The Vedas clearly defines quantum of punishment for the Spiritualists.

1. The Spiritualists gain the benefit of donating a single cow for every single moral actions.

2. The Spiritualists earn the curse of killing two cows for every immoral actions.

Thus the Spiritualists earn enormous amount of Sins faster than the ordinary person committing the similar type of Sins. Thus Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham would be ready to jump to the shoulder of the Spiritualists, who chooses immoral path.

Please note that anyone aiding and abetting the crime of the Spiritualists would be in the same queue along with the Spiritualists for receiving the same amount of punishment in the form of Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham.


The Astrology is part of the Hindu Vedic teachings. Here the Astrology means analyzing the future through Horoscope Readings, based on the birth time of a Person. Astrology does not cover the prediction through various other methods. People and Media often confuse and call everyone as Astrologers. An Astrologer is the one, who can able to predict it through Horoscope Readings.

Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham gets afflicted on the Astrologers, who do not follow the rule of the game. Let us see the reason for it.

1. Predicting without proper knowledge.

2. Accuracy of Prediction should not be based on the Money offered by the peoples.

3. Astrologers should not use the Horoscope Readings for personal gains.

4. Astrologers should not misdirect or misguide the People through false promises or by creating a fear Psychosis.

5. Astrologers should treat everyone as equal irrespective of their differences.

If an Astrologer misuses his knowledge and works for his/her personal gains, then Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham would befall on them.


Following professions are considered as Noble Professions.

1. Service to the God: Priests, Archakas, Temple workers, Astrologers and the Spritualists.

2. Service to the Nation: Government Workers, Army & Police Personnel

3. Service to the Society: Social Activists, Doctors and Teachers.

4. Service to the Mankind: Farmers and Cooks.

Let us see, what are the benefits of being in the Noble Profession; and also see the Curses in the form of Pitra Dosha (Pithru Dosham), if they do any Wrong doings.

Monday, 22 October 2012


Why should temple priests and their families gets affected by Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham?

Priests of the Temples are the ones, who do the noble duty; they do service for the God. Still they also gets affected by this Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham. Let us see the reasons behind this issue.

1. Priests should treat every one equally before God; irrespective of their Caste, Creed and Closeness.

2. Priests should be attentive to the Public and should patiently hear their grievances.

3. The Priests should be attentive and should not be lethargic; they offend the God by acting in a lethargic manner.

4. The practice of honoring the devotees, who offer money and shunning the others, who do not pay.

5. The incomplete/inappropriate chanting of Mantras.

6. The actions, answers and counselling of the Priests should not be driven by the economic benefits.

If a Priests fails to act correctly, then he we can assume that the Priest do actually earn the Sins, that gets converted into Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham at a later stage.

Sunday, 21 October 2012


Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham will affect the descendants of the Person who had misused the Temple Properties. There is a ProVerb in Tamil "Sivan Sotthu Kula Nasam" ( சிவன் சொத்து குலநாசம்) which means that anyone upsurping the Lord Shiva's properties would find their own family & future generations doomed completely.

Let us see, who are all affected by the Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham:

1. Anyone misappropriating the temple funds.

2. Anyone upsurping the temple lands/buildings.

3. Anyone who enroach the temple lands.

4. Tenants who do not pay the rent properly.

5. People who obstruct the view of the temple or obstruct the smooth flow of traffic to the temple.

Thus those who do all the misdeeds gets huge money for themselves, but also carries the Pitra Dosha or Pithru Dosham for the next 21 generations.


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