PITRA DOSHA: Pitra Dosha and Murder

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Friday, 9 November 2012


Pitra Dosha in the deadly form dawns on the 21 generations of the person who had committed the murder.

Let us see the who are all gets affected and type of troubles that would happen.

1. Those who had killed an another person for various benefits.

2. Those who has directly or indirectly aid a another person to commit a murder.

3. Those who induce or instigate directly or indirectly to commit a murder.

4. Those who give refuge a known killer or criminal.

5. Those who stand false testimony in defence of the murderer.

Let us see the type of murder that one can get reprieve from the God after necessary pujas.

1. Murder taking place on account of self defence.

2. Murder taking place to save the modesty of a women.

3. Murder taking place to save innocent peoples from the troubles.

Let us see the complete effects of Pitra Dosha that would fall on the heads of the Murder accused person.

1. The Pitra dosha in the severest form befall on the entire family of the accused.

2. Any one of the family member might be mentally retarded.

3. Unnatural death or accident happening in the family.

4. The Murder accused family gets disoriented and gets separated from one another in due course.

5. The worst incidents happening in sucession.

Everyone should remember that a killing a person damages the peacefulness of the next 21 generations of the family. If the killings are done on a women, aged, infant or infirm, then there are no God to help them to come out of this crisis. If a pregnant woman is killed then the accused person's family is doomed for the entire period.


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