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Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Rearing a Pet animal invites some form of Pitra Dosha. Let us see a few examples of rearing a Pet animal.

1. Chaining the Dogs.

2. Caging the Birds.

3. Rearing Fish in a small glass jar.

4. Trimming the wings of the bird.

5. Locking up and tying up animals.

We are into a false opinion that we are in fact helping the birds/animals/fishes with a secure envronment to live. That is, we provide food, health care and physical security to those animals. But we strip the freedom, the fundamental rights of that animals to live freely. In one stroke, by caging a animal, we condemn them to life imprisonment on them. Thus we damage a Birth cycle of a soul; putting them into difficulties for our own selfish interests or happiness

If you really want to rear a pet animal means that you should be able to allow the animal to live in freedom as they do in the natural environment. Otherwise it would invite Pitra Dosha. Let us see the possible effects of Pitra Dosha for this type of Sins.

1. Caging a Bird/Chaining a animal 
     Results: 1. Could land up in Jail
                 2. Could face detention on temporary basis.

2. Trimming the Wings of a Bird/Making changes in Physical appearences of a Animal:
     Results: 1. Physical Disability
                  2. Physical/Mental disorder.

3. Rearing Fish in a Jar/Box:
      Results: 1. Forced to live in cramped living space.
                  2. Damages to the existing living Place.

Just take a study on the life of peoples, who kept the Pet animals for longer time and not provided them any freedom to live. You will realize the truth behind it and start to value the importance of freedom even to your own Pets. 


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