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Excellent Days for doing Pitru Pooja (or) Pitru Tharpanam:

The importance of Ugadi Days:

Ugadi = Yuga + Adi. Here the Yuga means the era @ a longer period of time mentioned in the Hinduism. A complete Yuga has 4 age cycle namely

1. Kretha Yuga has 17,28,000 years
2. Treta Yuga has 12,96,000 years
3. Dwapara Yuga has 8,64,000 years
4. Kali Yuga. has 4,32,000 years

Adi means beginning @ Ugadi means the start day of an era. Thus the day, when the Kretha Yuga had started is called as "Kretha Ugadi". 

Similarly the starting day of the Yuga's are called as: 

1. Kretha Ugadi
2. Treta Ugadi
3. Dwapara Ugadi
4. Kali Ugadi.

1. Kretha Ugadi: The Kretha Yuga had started on the Sukla Paksha Tritya Thithi in the month of  Chaitra (Sanskrit).  

2. Tretha Yuga: The Tretha Yuga had started on the Sukla Paksha Navami Thithi in the month of Kartiga (Sanskrit). 

3. Dwapara Yuga: The Dwapara Yuga had started on the Krishna Paksha Tryodasi Thithi in the month of Bhadapada (Sanskrit). 

4. Kali Yuga: The Kali Yuga had started on the Amavasya Day in the month of Magha (Sanskrit). 

Anyone who does the Pitru Pooja (or) Pitru Tharpanam in these days would get results that are equivalent to doing Shraddham for 1000 Years. 

1. If the Pitru Tharpanam is done on the Amavasya Day on the month of Magha comes with Sathaya Nakshatra, then the Pitru's would remain highly satisfied and they bless their entire generations.

2. If the Pitru Tharpanam is done on the Amavasya Day on the month of Magha comes with Dhanista Nakshatra, it would deliver the results equivalent to the Pitru Pooja is done for 16,000 Years. 

3.  If the Pitru Tharpanam is done on the Amavasya Day on the month of Magha comes with Purattathi (P Bhadra) Nakshatra, then the Pitru's would remain highly satisfied and sleep for thousand of years. 

Friday, 11 September 2015


2015 Mahalaya Amavasya - Best days to do Pithru Tharpanam:

The Mahalaya Paksha is a 15 days time starting from the day next to Pournima to the Amavasya day that comes in the month of Purattasi (Tamil) or Bhadra or Bhadrapada (Hindi) are classified as "Mahalaya Paksha". The Pithrus (dead ancestors) are allowed to visit and stay with their families during this time. The meaning of "Pithru Tharpanam" is feeding the ancestors. Hence by doing "Pithru Tharpanam" during the Mahalaya Paksha, you are in fact feeding your ancestors. This would bring great blessing on all your family members.

Let us see the best days for doing Pithru Puja @ Pithru Tharpanam;

1. Mahalaya Paksha starts on Purattasi 11th (Tamil month) /Aswina (Thulayana) 6th (Hindi month) / 28th September 2015 (Monday).

2. Mahalaya Paksha ends on Purattasi 25th (Tamil month) / Aswina 20th (Hindi month) / 12th October 2015 (Monday).

3. All these days are equally good and important for doing Pithra Puja. But the last day that comes on the Amavsasya thithi is considered as one of the best days for doing Pithru Puja @ Pithru Tharpanam.

4. The Day coming with Bharani Nakshatra is called as "Maha Bharani". This day comes on Purattasi 13th (tamil month) / Bhadra or Aswina 8th (Hindi month) / 30th September 2015.

5. The Day that comes with Ashtami thithi is called as "Mathya Ashtami". This day comes on Purattasi 18th (Tamil month) / Aswina 13th (Hindi month) / 5th October 2015.

The Readers are advised to do Pithru Puja for their departed ancestors on any one of the days. This would bring happiness and all kinds of blessing in your family. You can't afford to miss these days. 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Important Duty of the Son/Daughter to their Aged Parents: 

As per the Hindu Vedas, the Pitra Dosha is likely to affect the offspring of the Person (or) the Family who has neglected their aged Parents (or) aged Peoples.

1. Every male must look after their aged parents with care and respect; the women (daughter-in-law) must not abuse them and ill treat them

2. Every male must also look after their father-in-law and mother-in-law, if they don't have any male offspring.

3. Every male must look after their family elders, if they are destitute and financially poor.

What do you mean by "Looking after" the aged Parents/Peoples?

1. The Parents/Elders must be treated with care and respect.

2. Sending money or food doesn't mean that the Parents & Persons are looked after well.

3. Physical care and attention must be given @ aged Parents/Peoples must not be isolated or forced to remain or live alone.

4. Mis-treating the aged peoples because of their age, status, relationship or economical strength or disability in physical or mental health doesn't indicate that the aged peoples are looked after well.

Cardinal Duties of every Son and the Daughter: 

1. "Jiva-dhor vaa-kya kara-nath": Every one must obey their Parents during their lifetime and must look after their Parents with great care and comfort throughout their lifetime.

2. "Prath-yaf-tham Poori Poja-nath": Every must do the following Karma after the death of their Parents.

a) Must do all the rituals (Apara-samaskarangal) for the first 12 days from the date of death.

b) Must do all the monthly rituals (Masigam) for the first 1 Year from the month of death.

c) Must compulsorily do the Yearly rituals (Shraddham) on the completion of first year from the date of death.

3. "Gaya-yam Pinda tha-nacha": Everyone must give "Pinda-Tharpanam" in Gaya (Bihar) under the Vishnu patham (Feet of Lord Maha Vishnu) and must do the Gaya Shraddham in the Palguni river running alongside.

If a pesron is able to perform all these 3 conditions, then he/she will be gifting a perfect and excellent life for his/her future generations without any form of Pitra Dosha. 


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