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Why should you pay for the sins of our ancestors?

Many would have the following questions in their mind about the "Pitra Dosha"

1. Why I should pay for the sins of the ancestors?

2. I live in a morally and ethically correct? Then why I should be affected by the "Pitra Dosha"?

3. Many non-hindus are there; and they don't know anything about the "Pitra Dosha"' but still living happily! Why only I should get affected, just because I had born as a Hindu?

Let us find the answers for all these questions:

As per the Hindu Religion, everybody does good and bad things during their lifetime. You earn good Karma for your good deeds; and earn bad karma for your wrongful deeds. A soul must delete both good karma and also the bad karma during its lifetime that it had earned in its previous birth.

Good deeds would be rewarded in the following manner:

1. Geeting born to an excellent parent; and family structure

2. Getting born with an excellent mental & physical health

3. Growing up in an wonderful environment

4. Getting proper guidance about the way of life right from the childhood.

5. Getting the best opportunity to learn the skills, talents and knowledge.

6. Possessing enough wealth to sustain a decent living.

7. Getting married to a wonderful life partner

8. Gift of possessing wonderful children

9. Effortless death.

Bad deeds are rewarded in the following manner:

1. Getting born in a disgraceful manner.

2. Posessing various physical and mental health troubles

3. Growing up in a hateful environment.

4. Getting wrong guidance about the "way of life" from various peoples which includes the Parents too.

5. Inability to learn (or) learning all the evils.

6. Struggling to maintain the day to day lifestyle.

7. Facing dishonor, decit (or) sufferings through the life partner.

8. Facing humilation (or) sufferings through the children.

9. Struggling in the death bed.

Conclusion: A soul gets a life in this world, based on its own actions and behaviour during the previous earth @ the God doesn't create a division (or) separation on the Humans in this World. A Soul decide its own destiny through its actions and behaviours.

A Soul would chose its family structure, mental health, physical health, knowledge, wealth and even its death by its own actions during the previous lifetime. The Good karma earned in the previous life would become the "Yoga" (or) "yog"; and the Bad Karma gets converted in the form of "Dosha" (or) "dosh" in the "Horoscope" of the present day life of the Soul. That is, the Soul itself writes the next form of lifestyle through its actions and behaviours (done in the previous life) in the present day Horoscope.

A person gets punished for his/her wrongdoings by getting born in a family that had done all the misdeeds and earned higher level of Pitra Dosha; only through its actions and behaviours during the earlier lifetime. That is, the Soul would have enough "Bad Karma" in its kitty to go through all kind of sufferings to be qualified to be born in a family that had been seriously affected by the "Pitra Dosha"

Logic is that: A Soul would chose its own place, own time and own people to face its destiny. The God is equal to everyone; and the God doesn't create a division among the natives as such:

1. Healthy (or) unhealthy

2. Wealthy (or) Poor

3. Good family structure (or) not

The Horoscope is drawn while the Soul takes its form in its mother womb with its own good and bad karma, Whether the Soul likes it (or) not, the Soul needs to enjoy the benefits of its good karma; and face the sufferings of its own bad karma. That is, the Soul would enjoy the benefits of its good karma and face the sufferings due to its bad karma, irrespective of living in an ethical (or) unethical manner during its present life. The actions and behaviours during the current life gets translated into good & bad karmas; and carried forward to its next form of life.

1. Everyone are paying for their own deeds; and not facing the music for the wrong deeds of their ancestors. If you are carrying good karmas more, then you would be born automatically in a family with less (or) insignificant level of Pitra Dosha. If you possess more of bad karmas, then you need to be born in a family that already possess truck load of "Pitra Dosha".

2. Living ethically and morally correct during the current lifetime is a gurantee to have wonderful life during the next birth.

3. Your Horoscopes works very well during the entire lifetime; and the results are calculated well in advance before your birth. Hence, you need to go through the sufferings (due to your previous life's bad karma) despite living a honest life now. But living honestly would ensure a good life at the next birth.

4. Pariharam for Pitra Dosha would minimize the ill-effects of your dosha in your Horoscope; but would not altogether change your current lifestyle.

5. Bag as much of good Karma for your next birth, by living in an ethically and morally correct manner during the current lifetime.

6. Getting born to an excellent Parents and enjoying wonderful family relationships; and getting proper guidance right from the birth would automatically create a condition that could avoid facing a re-birth into this world.

7. The Soul would be able to avoid passing through the Birth and Death cycle; and ensure a stable and comfortable place in the eternal world itself; where there is no pain (or) agony (or) sufferings.

8. The Soul would not get the chance to learn about the good (or) bad Karma; (or) will not believe in this theory of "re-birth & Karma", if it had carried forward more bad Karmas from its previous birth. *The Soul would enjoy its life in an excellent form, till it depletes its good Karma; despite the fact that the Soul does not believe in the theory of "Karma" (or) even if it lives in an unthical manner. 


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